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Avani Media offers a "one-stop-shop" solution for your international marketing communications needs. We are proud to represent leading information technology and telecommunications-focused print publications in the following countries.

Countries Frequency Circulation Target Audience
CRN Monthly 8,241 IT channel decision makers in Australia: VAR's, resellers, manufacturers and distributors
Clickx Magazine 12 issues per year 27,000 Personal computer and internet users, including professionals who use their computer for both work and entertainment
PC Magazine Belgium 11 issues per year 22,500 Technically savvy PC users & corporate brand specifiers
Smart Business Strategies 5 issues per year 21,000 Corporate decision makers
Tivi Monthly 16,000 ICT professionals and business minded decision-makers
c't magazin Bi-weekly 309,828 IT decision makers, technology experts & advanced PC users
eGovernment Computing Monthly 10,818 IT decision makers and professionals, managers and senior executives in the civil service sector
IT-Business Bi-Monthly 26,586 Managers, VARs, and specialized trade professionals in the IT, consumer electronics and telecommunication sectors
iX magazin Monthly 34,107 CIOs, system & network developers
Mac & i Bi-Monthly 23,764 Professionals and advanced, dedicated amateurs who use Apple products in both professional and personal settings, enthusiastic media users and active internet users
Technology Review Monthly 18,569 C-level executives (CEOs, CIOs), investment decision makers, and R&D leaders
DataQuest Monthly 65,000 Senior level IT decision-makers including CIO’s and CXO’s in government and commercial enterprises..
DQ Channels Monthly 27,600 Owners and CEO’s or national and regional distributors, system integrators, VARs, resellers and IT venders.
DQ Week Bi-Monthly 50,250 Owners and CEO’s or national and regional distributors, system integrators, VARs, resellers and IT venders.
PCQuest Monthly 85,000 Mid to Large Enterprises, Developers and small to medium sized businesses (SMB)  in the IT sector
Voice&Data Monthly 55,000 Telecom service providers and large communications users in the telecom industry, including enterprises and other educators, regulators and policy makers.
Nikkei PC 21 Monthly 87,532 Business PC users
Nikkei Personal Computing Semi-monthly 68,502 Business users & buyers of personal computers
Nikkei Software Monthly 13,120 Software developers, programmers & systems engineers
The Netherlands
AG Connect 10 issues per year 10,000 IT executives, managers and professionals.  General managers and business consultants.
CRN Russian Edition Bi-Monthly 10,200 IT channel decision makers in Russia: VAR's, resellers, manufacturers and distributors
PC Magazine Russian Edition Monthly 40,000 IT professionals, SMB decision makers, and advanced end users
PCWeek Russian Edition Weekly 35,000 Enterprise IT and business decision makers, corporate users and systems developers
Datormagazin Monthly 9,700 IT managers, network and security administrators, web designers, systems and software developers, programmers and other corporate IT professionals.
Swiss IT Magazine Monthly 6,253 CIO/CTOs & IT management
Swiss iT Reseller Monthly 2,500 Resellers, distributors, system integrators, VARs